Roof cleaning is the niche that Stain Away has fallen into, which makes up the bulk of our residential workload. We only use an industry approved cleaning method, known as soft washing, for both tile and asphalt shingle roofs.  This process is universally recommended by roof manufacturers to clean the materials without causing damage, and will keep your warranty intact.

Pressure washing can damage your roof, blasting the granules from the base of the shingle, which can reduce it’s lifespan.  It also has the potential to create leaks that weren’t there before, and it will void the warranty. Tile roofs are no exception to this, though it is not uncommon to see other roof cleaning companies still practicing this method.  We will never pressure wash any roof materials and strongly oppose this practice.  The last photo in the gallery below shows the potential for damage by pressure washing a tile roof.

So what causes the roof to get dirty?

Well, it’s not actually dirt.  The discoloration and streaks you see is a form of algae, which is living and constantly growing.  It appears black instead of green due to the temperature of the roof and constant UV exposure.  Algae can be living on your roof for months, sometimes up to a year before it becomes visible from the ground.  Once it begins spreading, it can loosen the granules from the base of the shingle as it grows.  While a tropical climate is nice to live in, it does encourage this type of growth by being warm and humid most of the year.  Many HOA’s require roof cleanings, but in addition to making your house look better, it has the added benefit of extending the life of the roof as well!

Since algae is a living organism, it’s important to remove all of it using a soft wash technique to get the most time between cleanings.  If any remains left behind, which is often the case with pressure washing, it can grow and spread much quicker.  We also take as much care as possible to protect any landscaping.  Anything under the roof is covered with plastic tarps and rinsed thoroughly before and after the cleaning.  Gutter downspouts are also redirected away from root systems.

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